History of Castle Spa

The first project of a spa facility designed in the style of architectonic modernism was prepared in Karlovy Vary on the threshold of World War I, i.e. at the peak of bloom of the development and the "Golden Age" of the town. The building of a unique complex of the Castle Colonnades commenced in the very heart of the spa zone, where the most precious Carlsbad springs rise from the ground. One of the fundamental ideas of the new structure was to connect the colonnade leading around the Upper Castle Spring with the Market Colonnade, and thereby, to build a worthy abode for the ruler of all Carlsbad springs, who has been safeguarding all the natural curative resources for next generations at this site.

In 1909, architect B. Ohmann was successful in a large-scale competition and the Castle Colonnade was built in the course of years 1911 - 1913 according to his project. It was preserved unchanged until the beginning of a radical reconstruction and conversion into the Castle Spa in 2000. In this case as well, B. Ohmann proved his mastery in applying an ingenious combination of various architectonic styles, when leaving a charming roundel in the upper part of the structure inspired by antique architecture. As a symbol of balneology, this roundel remains as one of the beautiful and characteristic features of traditional craftsman ship in Karlovy Vary to the present day.

While preserving all the essential architectonic elements, a  radical reconstruction of all the premises of the Castle Colonnade was executed in 2000 and 2001, generously converting the structure into a  comprehensive curative facility called the Castle Spa. The fundamental credo of the Castle Spa is returning to traditional Carlsbad spa treatment. Providing comfort, atmosphere, and individual care - everything the visitors of the spa in Karlovy Vary had been used to in the era of the "Golden Age". Everyone can find this in a more than abundant extent in Karlovy Vary, especially owing to the Castle Spa.


Legend of spirit of springs

An old legend says that the mysterious Spirit of the Springs had dwelled at the site of the present-day Castle Spa, ruling all Carlsbad springs and protecting their natural resources from depletion, as well as from the negative impact of natural elements. However, the three most significant of these elements - fire, water, and wind - had endangered the local springs more and more, which were thus facing the ever-present threat of extinction and thereby, the decay of the town of Karlovy Vary itself.

Therefore, the Spirit of the Springs decided one day to undertake something quite challenging and dangerous that only he could venture owing to his power and thousand- years-old wisdom. He conjured the disobedient and wicked elements to a rock, which used to be his abode, and the spirit himself found refuge under the ground, being as close as possible to the springs. As he was not only powerful, but also wise, he realized in time that fire, water or wind cannot be spellbound forever. For this reason, the spirit releases these elements every two hours under his careful supervision and lets them act freely. Their moments of freedom begin with the Spirit of the Springs lighting a fire in the Sun Court, which floats through the sky to cause the rock to shake and slowly open under its touch.

With the rumble of falling stones, wind escapes the rock and enjoys its short moments of freedom with mighty thunder and flashing thunderbolts. Afterwards, the last element enters the scene - water - the Spirit of the Springs rises from the underground to appear in the centre of the pool with his dominant powers and to return the elements where they have belonged for ages. Thereby, the spirit restores peace and quiet in the Castle Spa and in Karlovy Vary. Clouds are floating in the sky and birds are chirruping merry tunes. The mineral springs are flowing silently, bringing what is most important to all -health, as we all must bring love to life ourselves.


In case of cancellation of already ordered treatment services, or early termination of treatment services already planned, you will be charged the following cancellation fees:

1. cancellation fee of 10% of the unrealized treatment services, if the order is canceled 7 to 3 days prior to the planned date of your first entry in writing;

2. cancellation fee of 100% of the first day of unrealized treatment services and 10% of the unrealized other therapeutic services, where the order canceled 3-1 days before the date of entry in writing;

3. cancellation fee of 100% of the unrealized treatment services, if the order is canceled in writing on the day the client, or if it is not canceled in writing at all;

4. cancellation fee of 100% of the unrealized treatment in case of early termination of already initiated and the running treatment services.

Daily Open

Castle Spa is temporarily closed.

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