Treatment with check-up

Audited by centuries of traditional methods of Karlovy Vary the treatments will help you with diseases of musculoskeletal system, gastrointestinal diseases, diabetes and diseases of upper respiratory tract. You can choose from a wide range of spa treatments:


Individual curative gymnastics

Exercises under professional guidance of a physiotherapist.

Indication: suggested right motoric stereotype
Length of procedure: 15 minutes

Reflexive massage

The reflexive massage is a manual treatment method. It treats bodyparts which are influenced by diseases of internal organs.

Indication: functional and chronic organic diseases of internal organs, post-traumatic and
post-operative conditions, vegetative and hormonal dysbalance
Length of procedure: 25 minutes

CO2 bath

Baths consisting of parts of Carlsbad mineral water and cold water enriched with dissolved
natural CO2 which penetrates through the skin into the bloodstream and causes strong vasodilatation (expansion of vessels).

Indication: reduced or increased blood pressure, cardio-vascular disease
Length of procedure: 15 minutes

CO2 dry bath

It has the same effect as the carbonated bath with water, but without the action of water
hydrostatic pressure.

Indication: reduced or increased blood pressure, cardio-vascular disease
Length of procedure: 25 minutes

Mobilisation & manipulation

Mobilisation technique aids at the disposal or dilution of big blockades or joints. Mobilisation
uses a postizometric method for unblocking the traction of muscles, breathing exercises,
muscle stretching and loosening. A specialists method, which is conducted by staff of
rehabilitation after a consultation with doctor.


Application of small amount of medical CO2 into subcutis of acupuncture points.

Indication: acute and chronic musculoskeletal disorders and blood circulation problems
Length of procedure: 5 minutes

Moor packs

Form of heat treatment which is accomplished by use of moor packs on the concerned body parts. It takes advantage not only of the thermal effect but also of the chemical contents.

Indication: diseases of the spine, arthritis, post-traumatic conditions, degenerative changes in the musculoskeletal system, digestive system diseases, metabolic diseases, gynecological and urological
Length of procedure: 20 minutes


Use of the curative effect of the electric energy in various forms. The forms of the
electrotherapy differ in kind of frequencies and types of the current used.

Indication: diseases of locomotor system, circulatory disorders, disorders of muscle tension
Length of procedure: 5-30 minutes


Form of heat treatment under application of liquid paraffin on the concerned spots. Thermal
effect and anticonvulsant.

Indication: joint arthrosis, limited joint movement
Length of procedure: 20 minutes



In case of cancellation of already ordered treatment services, or early termination of treatment services already planned, you will be charged the following cancellation fees:

1. cancellation fee of 10% of the unrealized treatment services, if the order is canceled 7 to 3 days prior to the planned date of your first entry in writing;

2. cancellation fee of 100% of the first day of unrealized treatment services and 10% of the unrealized other therapeutic services, where the order canceled 3-1 days before the date of entry in writing;

3. cancellation fee of 100% of the unrealized treatment services, if the order is canceled in writing on the day the client, or if it is not canceled in writing at all;

4. cancellation fee of 100% of the unrealized treatment in case of early termination of already initiated and the running treatment services.

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